Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Haus Frau Has Gone Fifty Shades

One of the things I am learning to embrace about unemployment is the lack of scheduling needed to keep me on the straight and narrow.  As a recovering Type A personality (who am I kidding I am still Type A) I am indulging in reading long books while lounging in the family room.  Is there any better way to fulfill the needs of a Haus Frau than sitting on one's ass reading all day?  Well perhaps there are a couple....

With all the hype about the Fifty Shades trilogy in the news warning everyone that it is raunchy mommy porn I couldn't resist. The Haus Frau was in need of some salacious couch reading.  I read the 1st book in 2 days and couldn't wait to get the 2nd and 3rd...even fired up the Civic for  a special trip to Target to pick them up.  Within a span of 4 days I had read all 3 and I am proud to admit I loved them.

Yes I am a highly educated scientist and I am addicted to the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.   Yes there are some highly explicit scenes in the books but quite honestly they were not as bad as all the hype.  Of course after the first 5 "encounters" I just breezed through them like a narration about going to dinner.

I am hooked and I love to see people's faces when I ask if they have read the books.... especially the moms at my daughter's school.  One particular mom was adamant that she didn't want to read such trash but later asked if she could borrow the 1st book.  Of course I obliged after wrapping the book in a black Nordstrom Rack bag.  I have yet to hear how the book is coming along.

So if you are looking for a sleazy summer read for vacation consider the Fifty Shades.... they are quick reads and for a little while they offer other Haus Fraus a chance to dream of a guy that caters to your every need.

As my mom would say.... "Christian Grey can eat crackers in my bed anytime.... provided he checks the whip, handcuffs, and other assorted toys at the door." :)

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